Auslieferungsfahrer (450,00€/mtl.) at EFES - Grill Zeynep Yetiskin - Job Vacancy in 2018

Auslieferungsfahrer (450,00€/mtl.) EFES - Grill Zeynep Yetiskin March 2018 . In attain as well as achieve company targets that have been set in the vision and objective, EFES - Grill Zeynep Yetiskin back in open up employment opportunities for the best daughter's and daughters Unites States to follow the recruitment Auslieferungsfahrer (450,00€/mtl.) EFES - Grill Zeynep Yetiskin , to fill the post of perform being required. At present EFES - Grill Zeynep Yetiskin at are in need of qualified human resources, who have the skill sets and knowledge to contribute to the company's success. Therefore , to would-be job applicants are expected for you to meticulous in focus on every information offered at each position should be applied on Auslieferungsfahrer (450,00€/mtl.) below.

Auslieferungsfahrer (450,00€/mtl.) March 2018
EFES - Grill Zeynep Yetiskin

Der Efes Grill Greifswald sucht ab sofort 2 bis 3 Auslieferungsfahrer auf Minijob - Basis (450,00 € / Monat).
Das Ausliefern der Speisen erfolgt innerhalb Greifswalds mit Pkw. Deshalb ist ein Pkw-Führerschein zwingend erforderlich.
Die Arbeitszeiten werden nach Vereinbarung in der Zeit von 12.00 - 14.00 Uhr bzw. 17.00 - 22.00 Uhr sein.
Bei Interesse melden Sie sich bitte telefonisch bei Herrn Zeynep Yetiskin unter Tel.-Nr. 0178 / 7334687.

Job seekers expected for you to often be wary involving any kind of fraudulence on behalf of EFES - Grill Zeynep Yetiskin. Dialing recruitment procedure for new EFES - Grill Zeynep Yetiskin March 2018 be achieved only through a established email EFES - Grill Zeynep Yetiskin. Send your own personal job program, although not openly rear a job as you want. We would appreciate virtually any comments or recommendations so we can certainly provide considerably better providers and provide facts article fuller employment make it a lot more useful. We tend to be always in search of the actual best talent. Many thanks for your visit on this internet site.

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