Auslieferungsfahrer/in - Getränkeauslieferung at PAV KN-Personalvermittlung in , Germany Job Vacancy 2018

Auslieferungsfahrer/in - Getränkeauslieferung PAV KN-Personalvermittlung March 2018 -- Anyone want to get to a pleasant working environment as well as challenging. In a work environment that is friendly as well as open with the times, we ensure that every person gets an equal chance to continue to develop on their own and their careers with PAV KN-Personalvermittlung. PAV KN-Personalvermittlung has a friendly working environment, relationship, and mutual assistance. The leaders within the PAV KN-Personalvermittlung is also actively guidebook, support, and enjoy every positive plan given its employees. We believe that every member of staff requires a balanced living. Now this PAV KN-Personalvermittlung is hiring Auslieferungsfahrer/in - Getränkeauslieferung inside , to get top quality human resources. The following is the entire information if you are serious about a career with PAV KN-Personalvermittlung .

Auslieferungsfahrer/in - Getränkeauslieferung March 2018
PAV KN-Personalvermittlung

Für ein Familienunternehmen suchen wir: Auslieferungsfahrer m/w für einen Getränkegroßhandel zur Auslieferung für kurzfristige Bestellungen an Amazon in der Zeit von: Mo.- Fr. 07:00 bis 13:00; Freitags auch mal bis 15:00; Palettenware
Sie fahren einen LKW / IVECO 7,49t (benötigen also Führerschein B alt, oder Führerschein C); Ladebühne; Ameise/Ladehilfe
Berlin / Zehlendorf
Klasse B
nach Berufserfahrung
Zu besetzen ab:
PAV KN-Personalvermittlung
Frau Kathrin Neddermeyer
Sonntagstraße 24
10245 Berlin
030 60931180
[email protected]
Bewerben Sie sich bitte per Post oder per E-Mail!
Sehr gute deutsche Sprachkenntnisse und mit Erfahrung im Transortwesen

Boost your employment opportunity in which you have with encouraging work surroundings. Use the valuable experience that a person have plus your current desire to confront the challenge to help be able in order to function in synergy with assorted other individuals by across Germany. Enroll in us! Not any other location is definitely better for success than at PAV KN-Personalvermittlung. For those job seekers that are eligible and attracted to Auslieferungsfahrer/in - Getränkeauslieferung PAV KN-Personalvermittlung March 2018 , please register via the "Apply" button below. Only qualified applicants are going to be processed and acknowledged to work seeing that an staff PAV KN-Personalvermittlung . Use this00 valuable opportunity to accomplish your dream career with PAV KN-Personalvermittlung.

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