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Medical Knowledge Specialist Forever Healthy Foundation March 2018 : Forever Healthy Foundation task opportunities for those who have skilled and are pursuing a profession. Join Forever Healthy Foundation and be component of a healthy nation efforts to contribute to culture reliably. Everyone in the Forever Healthy Foundation be valued relative to the achievements and potential, if you are a person who meets the desired requirements, we look forward to pleasant you to join with Forever Healthy Foundation. They give you profession opportunities within the firm, according to the profession you can acquire. The following is thorough information about job Medical Knowledge Specialist Forever Healthy Foundation that have been written at the beginning of this month.

Medical Knowledge Specialist March 2018
Forever Healthy Foundation

Forever Healthy's mission is to enable people to vastly extend their healthy lifespan and be part of the first generation to cure aging.
We support the development of rejuvenation therapies that undo the damage of aging by funding basic research, bringing together the world's leading scientists at our Undoing Aging Conference and supporting startups that work on actual therapies for human use.
In addition, we are developing our 'Personal Longevity Strategy' which harnesses the world's cutting-edge medical knowledge to empower people to make informed decisions about maximizing their health and extending their healthy lifespan right now.
There is already a lot of cutting-edge medical knowledge and technology that can be used right now to significantly extend our healthy life spans.
However, most of that knowledge remains unused because it is either distributed over various experts, specialized communities, blogs, websites, books, and news feeds or deeply buried in scientific research. Thus it can be quite challenging to gather reliable information and make informed decisions regarding personal health and longevity.
To change this, we have set out to unify the knowledge of the world's leading sources, turn it into actionable information and publish the most effective 'Personal Longevity Strategy' strategy that can be implemented at present.
To accelerate this process, we are building a dedicated team of skilled medical professionals.
  • You will be responsible for holistically reviewing, researching and structuring the world's leading medical knowledge on various health and longevity-related topics and turn it into actionable information
  • Your work will cover a wide variety of subjects with a focus on primary prevention, functional medicine and evidence-based approaches seeking to avoid or eliminate symptoms by addressing the underlying root causes
  • Furthermore, you will be evaluating upcoming rejuvenation therapies such as geroprotectors, stem cell therapies, organ regeneration, senolytics and parabiosis
  • You will publish your work as an integral part of Forever Healthy's public knowledge base and thus enable everyone to take advantage of the latest medical knowledge to maximize their health and extend their healthy lifespan
  • university degree in medicine, preferably as a general practitioner
  • strong scientific curiosity, particularly for primary prevention, functional medicine, evidence-based medicine, and rejuvenation therapies
  • excellent analytical skills
  • solid understanding of research methodology
  • ability to turn knowledge from multiple sources into well structured, actionable information
  • good writing skills
  • proficiency in English
  • work in a fast-growing, extremely promising field
  • collaborate internationally with leading experts in the functional medicine and longevity community
  • gain global visibility for your work
  • a start-up culture where continuous learning is key
  • vast professional opportunities

Within a filing career applications in often the Forever Healthy Foundation March , you will get a whole lot of competitors. Consequently , try to help make a job application correspondence and cv are usually really good top quality so can obtain the attention from the company and an individual will be identified as to take the actual test meeting. When you do certainly not understand how to help create a job app letter properly, and then immediately learn of internet sites that provide specific information on exactly how to write a position application that tend to be widely accessible on the actual internet. Once you actually understand how to write the particular opening range, you actually have to know how to cover the correct sentence within a job plan letter. In the event almost all the requirements are usually successfully you fulfill, then please mail your job app through the "Apply" button below.

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