Schreibkraft für ein Rechtsanwaltsbüro at PAV Mairinger Personal & Arbeitsvermittlung in , Germany Job Opening 2018

Schreibkraft für ein Rechtsanwaltsbüro PAV Mairinger Personal & Arbeitsvermittlung April 2018 . Anyone want to get with a pleasant working environment in addition to challenging. In a work place that is friendly along with open with the instances, we ensure that everyone gets an equal chance to continue to develop themselves and their careers using PAV Mairinger Personal & Arbeitsvermittlung. PAV Mairinger Personal & Arbeitsvermittlung includes a friendly working environment, friendship, and mutual support. The leaders inside PAV Mairinger Personal & Arbeitsvermittlung is also actively information, support, and cherish every positive thought given its employees. We believe that every worker requires a balanced life. Now this PAV Mairinger Personal & Arbeitsvermittlung is hiring Schreibkraft für ein Rechtsanwaltsbüro inside , to get high quality human resources. The following is the full information if you are serious about a career with PAV Mairinger Personal & Arbeitsvermittlung .

Schreibkraft für ein Rechtsanwaltsbüro April 2018
PAV Mairinger Personal & Arbeitsvermittlung

umfassende Sekretariatsfunktion; Telefon, Empfang, Postein- und Ausgang; Termine koordinieren; Schreiben von anspruchsvollen Texten wie Urkunden, Verträgen, Gutachten, Vermerken, Schriftsätzen, Phonodiktat
Sie müssen das 10-Finger-Schreibsystem beherrschen; Sorgfalt, Gewissenhaftigkeit, Genauigkeit; guter Umgang mit Mandanten; sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse
ab 11,50 - 14,00 € je nach Qualifikation
Zu besetzen ab:
PAV Mairinger Personal & Arbeitsvermittlung
Frau Janina Schmidt
Marktstraße 7
10317 Berlin Lichtenberg
030 346279-34, 0176 62893769
030 346279-35
[email protected]
Bewerben Sie sich bitte telefonisch, per Post oder per E-Mail!

Throughout a filing career applications in the particular PAV Mairinger Personal & Arbeitsvermittlung March , you will enjoy a whole lot of competitors. For that reason try to help make a application form letter and curriculum vitae usually are really good top quality so can acquire the attention from the company and a person will be known as to take the actual test job interview. In the event that you do certainly not understand how to write a job program letter correctly, after that immediately learn of internet sites that provide detailed information on how to write a career application that tend to be easily and widely available on the internet. Once a person realize how to write the particular opening line, you have to understand how to deal with the correct phrase in a very job application letter. In the event that just about all the requirements usually are successfully you meet up with, then please deliver your job program by using the "Apply" button below.

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