Verkäufer/in im Außendienst at Zwickauer Schweißtechnik in Leipzig, Germany Job Vacancy 2017

Verkäufer/in im Außendienst Zwickauer Schweißtechnik Leipzig October 2017 - For anybody who have just managed to graduate from university, Zwickauer Schweißtechnik offers you the opportunity to join Zwickauer Schweißtechnik. As the business continues to grow, it is important to have new talents just like you, who want to grow as a part of Zwickauer Schweißtechnik. The experiences you will gain originating from a renowned company in the Unites States, which is not simply focused on economic progress, but also social demands of each person. Join our dream to attain you by mailing a job application at Verkäufer/in im Außendienst Zwickauer Schweißtechnik Leipzig and through the stages of the selection, namely Selection Operations, Psychological, Interview HOURS and Users, along with the Health Test.

Verkäufer/in im Außendienst October 2017
Zwickauer Schweißtechnik Leipzig

Sie bringen eine technische Grundausbildung, sowie Branchenkenntnisse im Metallbau mit?
Sie haben Interesse am Verkauf und Vertrieb?
Sie besitzen Fertigkeiten in der Selbstorganisation?
Dann freuen wir uns auf Ihre Bewerbung!
Wir suchen eine/n Mitarbeiter/in aus der Region Leipzig oder der Region Zwickau.
E-Mail [email protected]
Gewünschte Bewerbungsarten Per E-Mail, schriftlich
Bewerbungszeitraum Seit 22.09.2017
Angaben zur Bewerbung Lebenslauf, Zeugnisse

Inside a filing work applications in the particular Zwickauer Schweißtechnik Leipzig October Leipzig , you will get a lot of competitors. Consequently , try to produce a application form letter and cv are usually really good quality in order that can receive the attention with the company and you actually will be referred to as to take the test appointment. In the event you do not really understand how to be able to complete a job application letter appropriately, after that immediately learn of websites that provide specific information on the way to write a job application that usually are widely available on often the internet. Once you actually discover how to write the particular opening line, anyone have to realize how to include the correct sentence in your essay inside a job plan letter. When all the requirements are generally successfully you connect with, then please send out your job application by way of the "Apply" switch below.

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